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Salina Polet

Salina Polet was born and raised in Netherlands. During her birth, she had lack of oxygen. Which part of the brain causes "Cerebral Palsy" refers to a group of conditions that affect control of movement and posture. Because of damage to areas of the brain that control movement, an affected child cannot move his or her muscles normally. While symptoms range from mild to severe, the condition does not get worse as the child gets older. With treatment, most children can significantly improve their abilities.

About 70-80% of affected individuals have spastic cerebral palsy, in which muscles are stiff, making movement difficult. When only one side of the body is affected (spastic hemiplegia), often with the arm more severely affected than the leg; and at the end of the day she had the whole left side spastic, which reached her maximum potential after long time of health care coordinated by physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists.

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